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RRGC Memorial Ladies Open

This Saturday, August 15, from 9 am to 12 pm, the Rainbow Ridge Golf Course and Indoor Golf Academy (RRGC) will be hosting the RRGC Memorial Ladies’ Open. They invite women to join them as they celebrate the ladies that have made an impact on RRGC and hope you wear pink and show your support as they raise funds for cancer research.

The format is a four lady scramble, with registration at only $70 per person and that include 18 holes of golf with a power cart, plus dinner! Tee times are available beginning at 9 am.

Due to the COVID-19 rules that apply, presentations and trophy will be awarded via an online stream. Call 705-859-2990 to reserve your team’s spot. Men, keep practicing for you event that is scheduled for August 21!

Can hockey culture change?

The class action lawsuit spear-headed by two-time Stanley Cup winner Dan Carcillo once again has brought up the condition of the hockey atmosphere in general and how little growth there has been. The statement of claim is against the CHL and its member teams with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on behalf of players who allegedly suffered abuse during their time in the league. 

Being a family newspaper, this is not the place to describe the horrific things that players suffered and some went on complete the cycle by then becoming the abuser. Suffice to say that many players are “permanently traumatized” and are disgusted that it is still going on. If you can stomach some of the things that went on, there is always your web browser of choice.

Brock McGillis (fellow goalie of Islander Lucas Kowal with the Rayside AAA midgets back in the day), who played in the OHL and semi-professionally before becoming a voice in sports for the LGBTQ community, says it will take a lot to stop. He says, “this isn’t a CHL issue, it’s a hockey issue! Whether it’s associations, leagues, federations — it doesn’t matter, pick a level — there’s thousands, thousands of stories like this,” Mr. McGillis said. “They should all be accountable.”

People you know that played hockey, mostly at higher levels, will all have stories about their rookie ‘initiation’ (hazing). My brother Wade says he was relatively lucky to just have his head shaved. However, he says there was always worry about the threats being made. Imagine what might connect (pun intended) string, genitals and a bucket of pucks. Might make you sleep, lightly. 

An acquaintance I have got the requisite bad shaving job with strict orders not to fix it for fear of additional maltreatment. He was also locked in the bathroom of the team bus with another player who was promised money if he did something reserved for ‘private’ times on him.

I’m sure the perpetrators at the time may not have known the long-lasting harm that they were doing but it has and is. With all the cases being raised recently with movements such as “Me Too,” men too often are using their strength and power over others (mainly women) for their own pleasure and gain. We all need to be better to stop this in hockey and its expansion into everyday life, because it is difficult for some people to turn off a switch once their hockey is done. Just think of your own kids and grandkids. It is not just harmless fun for camaraderie.

Indigenous culture honoured by NHL player

Edmonton Oilers defenceman Ethan Bear wore a special jersey during Tuesday’s exhibition game against the Calgary Flames. Bear, who is from the Ochapowace Nation in southern Saskatchewan, will honour his Indigenous heritage by displaying his jersey name bar in Cree syllabics. 

Sad anniversary

When someone you care for suddenly passes it seems all life stops. The void is indescribable. It’s hard to comprehend but last week marked the two-year anniversary in the death of longtime Little Current sportsman Ron Bowerman. What a wonderfully up-beat and happy gentleman! A smile was permanently glued on his face. He was a force in hockey and other local sports and will be remembered for his tireless work with his long-time friend Bill Strain (and many others) for the maintenance and repair to fishing streams and lakes. The Little Current Fish and Game Club’s walleye hatchery has been a highly successful venture with its stocking program and education of youngsters not to mention providing a fishing rod to every Grade 4 student on Manitoulin. Condolences to his wife Linda and children Brad and Leanne. Baa maa pii, rest in peace, Ron.

A good sport is good for sports