Ice Chips & Canoe Quips

48th annual Wiky Road Race!

Organizers are excited to welcome everyone back this year’s iteration of the Wiky Road Race with the addition of a 5km race as well on Sunday, October 18. Walkers will begin at 9 am while the 10km and 5km races start at 9:50 am. The 10K race will start as usual in Kaboni (the 5km start marker will be shown before race day). 

Of course, things will be slightly different with safety protocols in place to ensure everyone’s safety during the event. However, you must register by October 12 so they can get an accurate number of participants. If you do not register by this day you will not be able to participate, no exceptions.

Register by emailing Registration fees are $10 for adults and youth 13+ and $5 for youth under 12 and under. No fee for walkers.

Manitoulin’s Top Angler

The Manitoulin’s Top Angler fishing tour is being planned for 2021. The initial idea is to have four (or more) two-day derbies with each featuring a different species of fish. There will be one for: bass (catch and release), rainbow, lake trout and walleye (catch and release)

The points system for the tour will have an overall top prize, a recognition of Manitoulin’s top multi-species angler. The Manitoulin Ice Showdown and the Manitoulin Expositor Salmon Classic will also count in the points system.

Stay tuned for more details to come in the following weeks.

AFT Co-ed Slow-pitch championships

The About F’n Time series developed just as COVID restrictions were slightly relaxed and everyone was excited to get outside and have some fun. Over their summer series they did just that and on their final weekend it came down to the Divers as the series champions. 

The team featured: Delores Denny, Mav, Kendy Marie, Amelia McGregor, Zane Aguonia, Lyle Baibomcowai, Nicholas McGregor, Bee Miller, Jess Aguonia, Daniel Madahbee, Chase Assinewai and Cadence Pangowish. Thanks to all the teams who participated and of course, organizer Gerry Baibomcowai!

A co-ed slow-pitch league took place over the summer and ended up with their championships this past weekend. The Divers won and included: Delores Denny, Kendy Marie, Amelia McGregor, Zane Aguonia, Lyle Baibomcowai, Nicholas McGregor, Bee Miller, Jess Aguonia, Daniel Madahbee, Chase Assinewai and mini fan Mav Agounia. Missing from photo is Cadence Pangowish.

From the desk of Dad!

Recently with the lack of sports events on the Island, I have been reminiscing about the delight I’ve had coaching “characters.” One such bright-light I met many years ago with the Mindemoya Thunder peewees (they may even have still been known as the Jets in those days). When I first entered the dressing room I thought that I might have mistakenly opened the door to the bantam room. Sitting there was a pretty big fellow who just had to be too large to be peewee age. When he spoke he sounded more like an adult than a peewee. Upon me asking he informed me that he was indeed the proper age. He indicated that his name was Derek Cranston but that people referred to him as “Deeker.” 

With that nickname, I thought that he must be a play-making forward but no, Mr. Muscles turned out to be a defenseman, and a darn good one at that. On the ice he was like a 10-pin bowling ball. Certain referees penalized him because he was big and strong. One ref in particular seem to call a penalty on him seemingly every single game. Some opposing players would bail out when they saw him approaching therefore penalty to Cranston! 

It became so often that prior to one game I literally had to talk “Deke” into dressing for the game when he saw this official enter the arena. Although he finally dressed, it was too funny! On his first shift, you guessed it, he was penalized! When he returned to the bench I had to block him from undressing. 

He frequently launched his heavy shot on our goalies in practice which was a no-no. Once, when he called the goalies “wimps” I told him that the next practice he would be suiting up in goalie gear. He chuckled and said, “piece of pie.” When he stood in the crease for the warm-up, he had a broad smile and teased the shooters. I arranged for another hard shooter to launch a high hard one at him. The shooter, who was well-known for his hard but wild shot, whizzed one within inches of his ear. Immediately Derek skated of the ice and removed the pads. I never had to talk to him again about warm-up shots. 

When the Manitoulin Dolomite bantams were formed and entered the Northshore League, Cranston never missed a beat. He “terrorized” this better league too. There are more stories, but they will have to be later. By the way, if you ever need a great mechanic, just call up Deeker!

A good sport is good for sports