Ice Chips & Canoe Quips

NSMA belt upgrade

Thanks to the Manitoulin School of Martial Arts organization, a lot of students have moved up a belt level. Congratulations to Mackenzie Green, TG Green, Morgan Green, Andrew Rose, Mackenzie Graham all to Shodan Ho (probationary black belt) and Jessica Boyle to Shodan (first degree black belt). 

Impressively, all have been training for 11 or 10 years with the Manitoulin School of Martial Arts. For those interested, the title of Shodan Ho will regrade if under athletes are under 16. If a tribute is older than 16, then a Shodan Ho degrades after a year. 

Fitness fun at local schools

With the rules at school being as strict as they are, the usual autumn, intermural sports have been put on hiatus until field trips are allowed again. The drive to be active, even without the promise of a couple of days off school, means many students are involved in Run for Fun programs thanks to many teachers who are required to supervise their small cohorts. 

The Attempt still ongoing

Here is an update on Natalie Hastings and Kristin Bickell’s “attempt” to circumnavigate the shores of all of our inland lakes by canoe. Their latest accomplishment is not the largest lake but one with many stories and mysteries related to it: Quanja Lake! Located on the southern peninsula of Wiikwemkoong it is feat just getting the canoe to the lake. Luckily they had an expert guide in Louis Francis. 

Despite being a grey somber day, Ms. Bickell was appreciative of many things on the day, “the hardwood colours, listening to Louis’ stories, legends, jokes and loon calls, quietly paddling with the only sound being the rain hitting the surface of the lake, getting chilled to the bone then warming up by the fire and cooking up a shoreline whitefish lunch.” 

“The weather wasn’t ideal and we definitely hit a few snags during our short day trip but for us, this was an incredible experience. We know how fortunate we are to have a friend like Louis who gifted us with this opportunity and shared his time and knowledge. Sometimes the best memories surface from the least favorable conditions.”

The lake named after a woman who farmed the nearby land by herself reportedly has depths up to 400 metres. The distance they paddled was 4.3km to bring up their overall total to 205.8km! Keep going, you two. I love the stories and am only a little bit jealous.

West Nipissing Lynx bolsters roster!

The West Nipissing Lynx are excited to announce the signing of 2000 born forward Hunter Chiblow from Blind River. Chiblow, who stands 5’9” and 180 lbs, is a skilled forward who played AAA during his minor hockey days. His last team was the Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves of the GNML.

Mr. Goalie turns 89!

Fans of the Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Blues, and past a “certain age” will remember fondly Glen Hall. Hall was a Stanley cup winner, Vezina Trophy Winner and a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame. After what he figured was 300 stitches he finally put on a mash for the St. Louis Blues’ inaugural season in 1968.

Under-appreciated pitcher

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher and National Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Gibson recently died of cancer at 84 years old.

He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July of 2019. Gibson is considered one of the greatest pitching in MLB history as well as the toughest. In his 17-year career with the club, Gibson won two N.L. Cy Young Awards (1968, 1970), the N.L. MVP Award (1968), nine Gold Glove Awards, two World Series MVP Awards (1964, 1967), hit 24 home runs and was named an All-Star nine times.

His 1.12 ERA in 1968 remains the lowest for a single-season in Major League history. That season was named the “most dominant” performance in MLB history

From the desk of Dad

I listed some quality long-distance runners who competed across the province during my Wiikwemkoong days. As is the case when a person has to recognize a list of people to thank at an event, I made some mistakes of not mentioning some runners (I’ll probably do it again)! My apologies to Peter Eshkagogan, an amazing, powerful speedster. Other Eshkagogan lads such: as Mike, Mark and Jeff were also among the speediest. Others included: Doreen Gatashk, Daniel Peltier, Ramona Trudeau and Doreen Trudeau…etc. I no doubt, missed others…sorry.

A good sport is good for sports