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Proud coach Gerry Holliday poses with two of his ace runners, Ava Corbiere and Maren Kasunich, following the Turkey Gobbler run in Sudbury.

Turkey Gobblers 

Coach Gerry Holliday is still dedicated to helping athletes improve and test themselves in challenging competitions to push them to their potentials. He is doing this despite all of the precautions around COVID–19. With so many races having been cancelled since last winter it has been tough for those who love that thrill of competition.

One of the few races that organizers have been able to figure out a safer way to have a group of people race while adhering to COVID protocols. The Sudbury Fitness Challenge’s Turkey Gobbler offered a 3km and a 7.5km race this past Sunday. Due to the current social distancing guidelines, they separated the event into five waves of 30 people. The waves started on the hour from 9 am until 1 pm with just one person starting each minute. They then had a 30 minute gap before the next wave started.

The two athletes that Gerry brought ran extremely well. Maren Kasunich has been an elite racer for several years on the local and provincial stage. Sunday was no exception as she ripped up the Walden 3km cross country course with the fastest time of the day even against men and women older than she! Ava Corbiere has been steadily improving over the years and has been training harder every year. It has obviously had a great effect as she ran the 7.5 km event in 45 minutes to give her first overall in her under-13 division. Congratulations, girls and coach!

Wiky Road Race this Sunday!

Can you believe the Wiky Road Race will be 48 years old this Sunday!? Its popularity and longevity is a testament to tireless volunteers and organizers over the years. The after race snacks and prizes don’t hurt either!

Organizers are excited to welcome everyone back for this year’s running with the addition of a 5km race as well on Sunday, October 18 walkers will begin at 9 am while the 10km and 5km races starting at 9:50 am. The 10km race will start as usual in Kaboni (the 5 km start marker will be shown before race day). 

Of course, things will be slightly different with safety protocols in place to ensure everyone’s safety during the event. However, you must register by October 12 so they can get an accurate number of participants. If you do not register by this day you will not be able to participate, no exceptions.

Register by emailing Registration fees are $10 for adults and youth 13+ and $5 for youth under 12 and under. No fee for walkers

Healthy Living Children and Youth Program

The Noojmowin Teg is offering a couple of important options for young people. The Healthy Living Children’s Program services children aged 6-10 years while the Healthy Living Youth Program targets youth ages 11-14 years.

Both programs promote physical health by providing sports and recreational activities to all seven First Nations communities in the Manitoulin Island District and Espanola area.

Further to promoting physical health, the Healthy Living Children’s program also provides healthy cooking sessions, teaching the children basic cooking skills and snack planning/ preparation.

The Healthy Living Youth Program promotes smoking prevention, and teaching youth about the differences in traditional vs. commercial tobacco.

For information on Noojmowin Teg Health Centre’s Healthy Living Children and Youth Program, please contact: Healthy Living Children’s Co-ordinator at (705) 368-0229 ext. 245 or the Healthy Living Youth Co-ordinator at ext. 244.

Young golfer featured!

Mindemoya’s Noah Thorpe was recently featured in a Sudbury Star sports report. When most sports have been postponed, delayed or outright canceled, the young golfer was able to keep up with his training, thanks to his dedication to the sport and the fact that he lives with the Brookwood Brae Golf Course, literally in his back yard. Noah’s great grandfather, Jack Seabrook, founded the first golf course on Manitoulin and then his grandfather John Seabrook took the reins. 

Noah has not only benefitted from a home course advantage, he has also benefitted from multi-generational trainers who have instilled in him great golfing etiquette as well as the chops to turn heads on the links. Great golfers such as Lloyd Willoughby and Mickey McKinney have provided a veterans’ perspective while Kathryn Corbiere and Noah’s Dad, Kris Thorpe, have also added their expertise.

With so much going for him, it is no wonder the lad, still in Grade 8, has seen success. At this summer’s Idylwylde Invitational he finished second in the junior division despite shooting a sub-standard game by his account. The game was going well until the final four holes of nine, as Noah explained, “I was even on the first five holes. Then I just couldn’t make putts.” Keep up the hard work, Noah.

A good sport is good for sports.