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48th Wiky Road races and fitness walks!

Sunday morning dawned windy and threatening. Gale force winds were forecasted for Lake Huron and the MS Chi-Cheemaun even cancelled its last sail of the year. That, however, did not deter all of the athletes who even committed to be prepared an hour later than even the tradition suggested. 

In accordance with current pandemic protocols organizers needed to go the “extra mile.” Not only did they commit to organize another year they needed to have all runners pre-register. From there they had to prepare for to have limited-runner “flights” to limit the chance of a viral spread. Additionally, they even added a 5km run option.

In accordance with all of the extra effort, the fitness community did not back down. Thankfully there was a large number of people who came out under daunting conditions to continue their tradition or decided to attend for the first time ever.

Hats off to the walkers in the 5km who included: Darlene Peltier, Gail Assiniwe, Sue Ann Oshkabewisens, Jessica Trudeau, Tasheena Trudeau, Hawk Eshkawkogan, Mackenzie Simon, Radim Eshkawkogan  and Lachlan Eshkawkogan. 10 km: Evelyn Diebel, Cheryl Peltier, Chenyah Brisard, Doreena Trudeau, Lilly Trudeau Pheasant, Doreen Trudeau, Seraphine Ominika, Janin Pitawanakwat, Marsha Oshkabwisens and Seven BigMountain.

In the 5km running race, our local phenoms were front and center. M’Chigeeng’s Maren Kasunich won the race overall in an astonishing time of 17:55! From there there was a steady stream of mostly Manitoulin runners! Congratulations to: Kylee Fowler, Annie Balfe, Mya Balfe, Ava Corbiere, Greg Bond, Clifton Wassengesa, Lindsay Dantouze, Lorrilee McGregor, Doug Bannister, Ashley Jacko, Kristin Clarke, Hailey Sutherland, Tara Dantouze, Peyton Pitawanakwat, Koda Peltier, Logan Peltier, Stacey Dell, Ariana Recollet, Jean Recollet, Joseph Jacko and Shaiana Jacko. 

Last but not least is the original Kaboni to Wiikwemkoong 10km road race! Earning the Manitoulin Expositor’s top men’s winner trophy is local speedster in a sub 40 effort, Aurel Fox. In second overall and the winner of the Wiikwemkoong Board of Education trophy for the top female runner was Tricia Goeldher. The other 34 finishers included: Michelle Kennedy, Dillon Ominika, Bridget Schulte-Hostedde, Frederic Diebel, Robin Craig, Sierra Pangowish, Keegan Peltier, Michael Eshkawkogan, Tammy Rolston, Edwin Toulouse, Jeff Eshkawkogan, Leslie Marshall, Tim Quetton, Laurie Beaudin, Leo Makadebin, Ramona Shawana, Vince Perdue, Luke Armsytrong, Joanna Recollet, Simon Diebel, Bella Szwender, Sheila Madahbee, Brayden Wabano, Laura Shigwadja, Tracy Cleland, Shannon Manitowabi, Pamela Manitowabi, Evely Williams, Peyton Ominika, Lily Beaudry, Sarah Odjig, Darcy Maionowi and Mayliah Beaudry.

Manitoulin well represented at first RDSB meet!

Kivi Park was the venue of the SDSSAA Preliminary meet No. 1 and Manitoulin runners turned in some great results. In the novice boys’ race Brodie Pennie finished 6th overall, Andrew Rose (20), and T.J. Green (22). Up in the junior boys’ race, Alan Wilkin finished in 5th place, Keaton Gauthier (16th), Jack Pennie (18th) and Ben Willis (23rd) completed their scoring quartet. The senior boys’ event featured Julian Wemigwans finishing in 18th as sadly the lone mustang runner.

In the novice girls’ event, Manitoulin runners dominated. Maren Kasunich won the race handily but teammate Mackenzie Green close behind in third, Annie Balfe in sixth and Morgan Green in 14th! The junior race featured a lone Manitoulin runner in Katie Chapman. Congratulations to all the finishers and hoping everyone on the team can enter the next race!

Sudbury Rocks COVID

The fact that the Wiky Road Race came together on Sunday is all the more noteworthy when you consider that the Sudbury Rocks Race weekend has decided to go virtual. Originally postponed from their usual spring slot, organizers hoped to have a more standard race in the fall. Unfortunately the race, a fundraiser for the Northern Cancel Foundation has had to go with the familiar virtual format.

There are still the perks and prestige from finishing the 42.2 km race although you get to choose your route. Please visit for more information and registration.

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