Ice Chips & Canoe Quips


The Manitoulin School of Martial Arts has been one organization that has been the closest at assuming their usual protocols. Although not without effort, students have been able to train on their own to bring their precision to the next level.

Shihaan Dan Fletcher has been receiving videos regularly, among others from Emma and Cameron Chaytor and Cora Edwards on a regular basis all three are making great improvements even while dealing with distancing issues.

They have all have been training for two years. The Chaytor siblings are yellow belts working towards orange and Cora is orange and eager to go for green.

Shiihan Dan is optimistic when quoted as saying, “The pandemic has changed our training ways but we are making do.”

Hats off to you and your MSMA. Shiihan, keep it up.

Outdoor desert hockey?!

According to multiple reports, the NHL is planning to stage a two-game “Outdoor Weekend” showcase at Lake Tahoe in Nevada during the 2020-21 season.

The event will likely feature the Colorado Avalanche vs. the Vegas Golden Knights on February 20, followed by the Boston Bruins vs. the Philadelphia Flyers on February 21.

During a challenging season, the NHL is interested in holding picturesque events, which according to The Athletic’s Scott Burnside will feature a rink built around the final holes of the Edgewood Tahoe Resort—which hosts a popular celebrity golf tournament.

Roughly 400 people, including players, team staff and workers will be allowed to attend, but no fans, says Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman, who was the first to report the story.

Friedman says the event will give broadcasters a unique opportunity to capture footage using drones.

From the desk of Dad!

Jason Maurice would have been 40 years old last week. It has been 11 years since I wrote “The Goalie is Missing.”

Jason was an amazing goaltender, but even more importantly, Jason embodied what can happen if one commits themselves to dedicate to improve to their potential. Jason took no shortcuts as he trained to be one of the top-notch goalies of the NDHL. Jason was known to perform many hand-eye coordination activities, dry-land training drills, on his own accord, without pressure from his coaches.

It is with sadness that this talent is no longer with us. We all miss his kind manner and willingness to help others. We can all strive to be the kind of athlete, and person, Jason was.

Coaches be coaching!

Gerry Holliday has long been a coach who has gone above and beyond what anyone would envisage a training guide to do. Back in the day he drove his van down the Carter Bay Road with runners in the back, surfing! Although not the traditional sense of what one might expect us land-lubbers may recognize as any surf related activity. *RDSB officials need not inquire.

Coach Holliday, however, can never not be a coach and is always willing to take athletes to their next level if they are willing to accept the challenge…and they better be willing!

In our COVID days there tends to be an apathy with many athletes who figure, if there is no actual, real live, race, meet, competition in general, why would one try to improve themselves?

Gerry tends to gravitate towards the oppositional among us. Those that are willing to genuinely further themselves through nothing more than a personal best in front of them.

This winter coach, as always, has an iron in the fire. Anyone can have irons, he has an iron. He is always willing to take on someone that will not question or even hesitate to train to what is asked and believe what he asks will make themselves better. Good luck in your training and your coaching, you two!

A good sport is good is good for sports!