Ice Chips & Canoe Quips


Central Manitoulin celebrates ice-makers

In a recent post, the township of Central Manitoulin acknowledged the great community spirit that helped create and maintain their new ice oval. We all know how difficult it is to stay active during these COVID-19 days so hats off to these important volunteers. Thanks to: Dennis Van Horn, Dale Scott, Steven Shaffer, Jay Heins, Marie Ford, Guy Nielen, Darren Smith, Doug King, Travis Dewar, Frank Abbott, Adam Smith, Jay Heins and Darren Smith! 

Karate kudos

Manitoulin School of Martial Arts continues to train through grey zone via Zoom. Keeping students moving and giving challenging homework for students and parents. Last week’s challenge was as many push-ups per day as you can do, or do properly! Kudos goes out to Sara Turner (Anika’s mom) who is up to 120 per day! Maureen Pearce, Savannah Lane, the Joyce gang and Garrett Charbonneau have all sent in push-ups with improvements through Facebook videos to Shihan Dan. Dan is emphatic that they are going to “kick the crap outta COVID! This has really changed our art and made us evolve quickly but we will prevail all winners.”

Hockey parent, pens positive message!

Thanks again to occasional contributor Michael Bridgeman who is taking the COVID-19 shutdown of hockey as optimistic as possible. “With the closing last week of all rinks in Sudbury and the one in Manitowaning, the lone hold-out on the Island, the bell has officially tolled on the 2020-2021 minor hockey season, such as it was. When we are surrounded by the staggering loss felt in the province and country, it seems rather silly to be lamenting the damage to a recreational sport. Yet for those who love it, hockey is a large part of the year, six months for house leaguers, and pretty much year round for the elite players. Losing one of your few competitive years is big. So, chins up, hockey hopefuls, take your passion to the gym and get that dryland training in so you’re in peak condition when we next hit the ice. Here’s hoping that the vaccine roll out is successful, that the VOCs are held in check, and come September, we find ourselves back at the rinks playing the game we all love.”

Basketball prodigy earns new honour!

Jayden Jackson (son of Digwageehs Fox), who plays basketball out of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, was recently named as the state’s Top Defender. Jackson scored more than 1,500 points during his four-year varsity career at Whitefish Bay high school but it was his bulldog mentality on defense that separated the NCAA Division I recruit for Northern Arizona where he will attend on a scholarship this coming fall.

It seems a recent column may have ruffled some big boy, feathers. 

From the desk of Dad

Two weeks ago I did a piece on the athletic Eshkawkogan family of Wiikwemkoong. It was well-received by certain people, at least. Unfortunately, other athletes, who were contemporaries of Peter E. but now live in Sudbury, didn’t see the article (that, by the way, is how the announcers at the Silver Stick finals in Sarnia and Port Huron said his name since they were unable to pronounce ended up announcing “Peach’s” name After they butchered his last name for two days they gave up and switched to simply Peter E. and he scored lots of goals! But anyways, a few nights ago I received a surprise video call from Sudbury which turned out to be from some of the aforementioned contemporaries. Everyone knows how athletes love to tease each other! Anyways, Caldin Kimewon and the ever-cool Eddie George were told that I had written about Peter as well as his brothers and cousins. Eddie and Caldin were given slightly different info as to what had been written. Apparently I had written about ‘great Wiky runners’ and they were told that I didn’t include them. They were anxious to know why, so Eddie’s cousin, Rachel George  decided to go to the source of the story and contacted me via video. We had a great and funny conversation, much of which I cannot print here. Finally, I must say that those two were excellent long-distance competitors and won loads of medals. Sorry for the confusion gentlemen!

A good sport is good for sports.