Ice Chips & Canoe Quips

Aurel Fox-Recollet took the top of the podium during the Conquer the Crater 5K run held on Sunday.

Aurel conquers the crater!

Aurel Fox-Recollet, now of Sudbury, finished in first place at the XTERRA Conquer the Crater 5K trail run held at the Kivi park in Sudbury on August 15. His record time was at 21:04!

The race consisted of 16 runners! The most important and distinguishing feature is that 100 percent of all proceeds raised by the event support the Northern Cancer Foundations Miles Against Cancer Fund, dedicated to improving the survival rate and quality of life of children and their families impacted by paediatric cancer in Northeastern Ontario. To date, over $95,000 has been raised to date to support children and their families live with and beyond children’s cancer!

The Attempt!

Natalie Hastings and Kristin Bickell have knocked off another couple of lakes on their quest to circumnavigate all of Manitoulin’s inland lakes. One of the ones they completed, some will argue, is not technically inland. Lake Wolsey is only separated from the North Channel by a causeway and a bridge that freely exchanges water both ways depending on the wind of the day. However, their effort certainly deserved it the ranking of a lake. It has everything from heavy winds, high escarpments and hot sand beaches and most importantly, easy public access! 

Included as part of their latest in the mission was South Pine Lake and Dace Lake. The latter really questioned what their definition of a lake was. A lake by any other name could definitely be a swamp, pond, marsh etc. Dace “Lake” is one that the pair was glad they tried and appreciated that these type of wet areas are great for the ecosystem but as far as a lake for swimming and paddling, not so much! 

Even with our surprisingly high lake levels for this time of the year, Dace only boasted 6 inches (15 cm) of water and more than a paddle-length, depth of ‘muck’ below. The lake required only a 2 km circuit that, unfortunately, did not reflect the ‘official’ perimeter of the lake. The shallow draft of a canoe even would not allow these adventurers to even get close to the edge. What about a hovercraft “Attempt?” At this point, the Attempters cannot pick their favourite lake, but will definitely be putting Dace Lake in their top least favourites. I guess you don’t know how good you have it until you know how bad you can have it!

Natalie and Kristin, during their paddling and nature observance odyssey, have now amassed 250.4 kilometres after Wolsey, South Pine and Dace Lake. If you want to paddle along vicariously, you can search “The Attempt” on Facebook and you will surely find the pair through mutual friends. They always post interesting videos and pictures such as their most recent video of a group of otters frolicking in the rain on Lake Wolsey. 

Assiginack at it again

Assiginack ran swimming lessons, for kids and adults, recently. “Our adults did absolutely amazing!” enthused events coordinator Jackie White. “They are finishing off their lessons with a timed 100 individual medley, which is 25 metre of fly, back, breast and free strokes, just like the Olympics. They are soooooooooo good and showed so much improvement!” 

Jackie gave a special shout out to Greta, Ruby, Elizabeth and Ethan, “but this year we had so many new swimmers and everyone showed incredible improvement, and it was in Lake Huron, so they totally braved the elements (i.e. freezing cold water.)” 

Jackie also gave big props to Connor Phillips, swim instructor extraordinaire, and Brooke Gibeault, assistant swim instructor.

Pickleball is in the works for Assiginack, too, thanks to an amazing advocate in the community who is helping train staff and others while another racket sport, badminton, is being held Wednesday nights. 

A good sport is good for sports.