Icebreaking update from the Canadian Coast Guard, Central and Arctic Region

The Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Samuel Risley.

Sarnia, Ontario – The Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley will assist a commercial ship through ice-covered waters into the Lefarge cement plant on McGregor Bay in Northern Georgian Bay.  The anticipated arrival is Sunday April 2 2017.  The shipping route goes through Frazer Bay to McGregor Bay.  We have attached a map for this transit. 

 The day and route are subject to change with little or no notice, due to weather, ice conditions, shipping schedules or other unexpected situations.

 Broken and fragmented icy tracks left behind by icebreaking operations and other ship traffic may not freeze over immediately. In addition, newly fallen snow may obscure icebreaker and ship tracks.  Changes in weather contribute to unsafe ice conditions that may remain long after the ships have left the area.  The Canadian Coast Guard reminds all recreational ice users to plan their activities carefully, use caution on the ice and stay away from shipping routes and icebreaking operations throughout the Great Lakes.

 If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the Canadian Coast Guard’s Icebreaking Operations Centre via email at: and by telephone at: 514-283-2784