I’m your Neighbour: Architecture grad runs pumps in South Baymouth summers

Peter Dowhaniuk

SOUTH BAYMOUTH – When you pull up to Carl’s Trading Post in South Baymouth, you might be helped by someone who doesn’t carry the Brown family name, like Peter Dowhaniuk, nephew of trading post owners Carl and Gary Brown.

“The store’s always been a part of my life since I was a kid,” said Mr. Dowhaniuk.

It’s not a bad place for a summer job—Mr. Dowhaniuk just graduated from an architecture program at the University of Toronto and has spent numerous summers around the family business.

COVID-19 restrictions and public health measures have changed the dynamics with those who pass through as they roll off the ferry.

“Most people are respectful with masks and they’re trying to keep a safe distance,” said Mr. Dowhaniuk, adding that he liked the break from the hyper-connected world back home.

Despite living in the most populated area in the country, Mr. Dowhaniuk said coming back to South Baymouth lets him truly meet people.

“In the city you’re so much more isolated from everyone else even though you’re around a lot more people,” he said.

Mr. Dowhaniuk took a year off after high school and motorcycled around Vietnam. He now spends his limited downtime riding a bicycle around the Island, helping out on neighbouring farms and visiting friends and neighbours.

Architecture was an interesting choice that he expects will open many doors, especially because of the diverse facets of architecture he has studied.

“It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with working from home because we’ll be able to choose where we want to live,” he said, adding he would love call Manitoulin home.

Please remember that when you shop locally, you support your neighbours like Peter Dowhaniuk at Carl’s Trading Post.