I’m your neighbour: Darren Smith of Mindemoya is making the cut at Meat Boss

Darren Smith

DRYDEN’S CORNERS – Anyone who has tried a fine steak or juicy sausage from Meat Boss located at Providence Bay has likely enjoyed the handiwork of head butcher Darren Smith who, when not meeting customers at the front counter, works hard in the back preparing quality meats for Islanders.

“It’s been great lately because it’s been a lot busier for us here. I get to meet a lot more people and in a small shop I can enjoy more one-on-one conversations,” said Mr. Smith, who lives in Mindemoya.

The Expositor spoke with him in the production room of the Providence Bay area shop as he was about to stuff out a batch of mild Italian sausages. He grew up with two uncles who worked in the industry, one of whom began to teach him the art of cutting meat when Mr. Smith was just 15 years old.

When not stuffing out sausage links, Mr. Smith like to hit the links—of the golf course—as well as hunting and ice fishing.

He has taken on a second job recently—being a ‘teacher’ to children Hunter, 16 and Madison, 13.

“I give teachers way more credit now than I ever have; it’s not an easy job,” he said, adding that despite the increased workload he has still managed to find time for family.

Mr. Smith said he likes to stay close to home so his lifestyle has not been strongly impacted, but he said being able to live and work in vibrant communities requires people to support small independent businesses such as Meat Boss.

“Everything I need is here (on Manitoulin),” said Mr. Smith. “We really appreciate the local support in these times.”

Remember that when you shop locally, you’re supporting friends and neighbours like Darren Smith at Meat Boss in Providence Bay.