I’m your neighbour: Keegan Sloss works at Finn’s to save for a powerful career path

Keegan Sloss

In the off-season, when he’s not working at the shop of E. Corbiere and Sons in M’Chigeeng, Keegan Sloss has found reliable work at Finn’s Gas Bar, a job he has held down for the past five months.

The 18-year-old is often out braving the cold and snowy weather to top up customers’ gas tanks, but the physical requirements of marching across the parking lot are nothing compared to his recent time in high school when he was part of the hockey and football teams.

“I played football in Sudbury in high school but I’ve been back for two years now. My family is from (M’Chigeeng),” he said, adding that his team came close to winning the Northern Ontario Secondary School Athletics (NOSSA) title one year.

Working at Finn’s has given him regular opportunities to meet people, stay social and busy during the pandemic, all while saving some income.

Although Keegan said he may return to working in the E. Corbiere and Sons shop this summer, he is also exploring the idea of going to trades school to become an electrician—a trade that some members of his family have pursued. That job and his present work at Finn’s are helping him save up for that schooling.

“When people shop here it helps the local businesses, and it’s nice that you’re not having to support the big corporations,” he said, adding that he felt lucky to have work so close to home.

Remember that when you shop locally, you’re helping support your friends and neighbours like Keegan Sloss at Finn’s Gas Bar in M’Chigeeng.