I’m your neighbour: Kelly Brewer has found herself a natural fit at Sugar Bush Coffee

Kelly Brewer

Kelly Brewer grew up in Toronto and was living in Barrie when she first visited Manitoulin to take a course. She fell immediately in love with the Island and bought a home in Kagawong. Kelly loved the city but felt she’d outgrown it and has found just what she needs in the community spirit that thrives on Manitoulin.

“Since I’ve gotten here, anything I’ve needed just always shows up,” she said. She gives back by helping older friends with snow clearing and other chores. “You just help out. That’s what the Island’s about, and I love that.”

Kelly likes to hike but her passion right now is wood carving. She’s a novice and recently has been carving dreamcatchers into log slices. What she really enjoys is ‘found’ carvings. “That’s when I find an interesting root or piece of driftwood, maybe something that has fallen and can see a Green Man in it or a tree spirit.”

Kelly’s been working at the Sugar Bush Canadian Coffee House in Kagawong since last August. “I walked in and thought, now the Island has everything I could possibly want. I was a barista in Toronto for a while but realized that I couldn’t live in Toronto and sell coffee. It’s been a dream come true ever since.”

Kelly is quite happy to test the baking, especially when there are new goodies to try, and has yet to find anything she doesn’t like. “The coffee’s good. Everything’s good,” she said, but it’s the people she likes best. “I love the people that come in here. I get to meet everybody, the ones that live here and those that pass through. I love people. I’m a chatter, so I couldn’t have found a better job.”

Remember when you shop locally, you are not only supporting local businesses like Kagawong’s Sugar Bush Canadian Coffee House, but you are helping to support your friends and neighbours, hard-working individuals like Kelly.