I’m your neighbour: Mary Eadie of Providence Bay is cooking up delights at Mum’s

Mary Eadie

Mary Eadie is kept pretty busy in her position as cook at Mum’s Restaurant and Bakery in Mindemoya, joking that she spends much of her off-duty hours “resting up so I can come back to work.” But with three adult children and 15 grandchildren she is generally kept pretty busy off the job as well.

Somehow the Providence Bay resident finds time to enjoy doing crafts, especially needlepoint and crochet.

While she now lives in Providence Bay, Ms. Eadie has a thoroughly complete Island pedigree. “I was born in Little Current, but we moved away when I was five,” she said. “I kept coming back and coming back.” Her mother hailed from Silver Water, so she has both east and west antecedents, but with her Manitoulin family connections anchored at both ends of the Island, she really didn’t know all that much about what lay in between Little Current and Gore Bay.

“It took years before I realized there was something in between, before I realized there was Mindemoya,” she laughed. “Somebody told me there was this beautiful beach in Prov. I told them they were a liar,” laughed Ms. Eadie. “Then my sister dragged me off to Providence Bay one fair weekend. I just stood there with my mouth open going ‘wow.’” It was love at first sight.

Ms. Eadie now lives in Providence Bay, but she has had a lot of experience with the West End. “I looked after the Mississauga Lighthouse for eight years, my mom for 10 years before that,” she said.

There is no doubt Ms. Eadie enjoys her gig at Mum’s, although the COVID-19 restrictions tend to limit any interactions with customers these days. The restaurant is takeout only right now, with only two customers permitted inside at once. “And it’s hard to recognize everyone with the masks on,” she laughed, adding “this is the only time that I don’t mind having my picture taken, nobody can see the faces I am making.”

Mum’s Restaurant and Bakery is renowned across Manitoulin for their delicious baked goods as well as wholesome food. The Expositor took the opportunity to load up with a good supply of squares, cakes and sticky buns to take back to the office at the conclusion of the interview where Ms. Eadie’s handiwork was well and thoroughly appreciated.

Remember that when you shop locally, you’re supporting friends and neighbours like Mary Eadie at Mum’s Restaurant in Mindemoya.