I’m your neighbour: Orr’s Valu-mart’s Chantelle Simons enjoys the outdoors

Chantelle Simons

Chantelle Simons has been on the pandemic front lines pretty much since the beginning, joining the intrepid Orr’s Valu-mart crew in Little Current around 10 months ago. The essential worker has been helping keep vital supplies flowing to the community with a smile that reaches all the way up to her eyes.

Ms. Simons is very much an Islander, with a leisure focus firmly set on outdoor activities such as hiking around the entire region, with Killarney being one of her favourites. Camping and canoeing are also high on her list of must do activities.

When it comes to indoor activities, Chantelle reaches for her brushes as painting is one of her passions—landscapes, not houses. 

Remember, when you shop locally, you are not only supporting local businesses like Little Current’s Orr’s Valu-mart, you are helping to support your friends and neighbours, hard-working young individuals like Chantelle.