I’m your neighbour: Reg McAllister, a decade and a half at Highway 6 Service Centre

Reg McAllister

Ask Reg McAllister of Spring Bay what he likes to do when he isn’t wielding a welding rod or some other mechanic’s magic beneath a vehicle’s hood at Highway 6 Service Centre in Little Current and he laughs. “Everything.” Well, perhaps everything but work on vehicles in his off hours, he gets enough of that sort of thing while at work.

Mr. McAllister is very involved in the Lake Kagawong Smallmouth Bass Derby, an event that has been hauling in the cash for the Starlight Foundation for over 30 years.

Married, but with no children, Mr. McAllister said that he got involved in the bass tournament originally in support of a young man who loved to fish the lake before succumbing to cancer.

“It’s a really great event,” he said of the tournament, “and all the money stays right here on the Island.”

As for his other off-work pursuits, “I like hunting, fishing, all that kind of stuff,” said Mr. McAllister. “I enjoy doing a lot of things.” One of his newest preoccupations is a sawmill he recently acquired. “Building materials are so expensive, so now I can make my own,” he laughed.

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