I’m your neighbour: Sean Rickard found his calling, working on cars, in high school

Sean Rickard

Working on cars and other vehicles has been something that Sean Rickard has enjoyed since his early teen years. 

Mr. Rickard, a mechanic, was hired on at Jewell’s Collision Centre and Automotive in Gore Bay a little over a year ago and is enjoying living and working on Manitoulin Island. 

“I started working on vehicles when I was about 14 years old and in high school,” said Mr. Rickard. 

In fact, not only is it his profession, but it is also among his hobbies as well. “I have lots of project vehicles I’m working on,” Mr. Rickard explained, pointing to a car in the back lot of the business. “The one without a front bumper, the Ford Falcon is something that I’m working on in my spare time.” 

“I can also play the guitar and drums,” noted Mr. Rickard, who quipped, “I can play just about any musical instrument poorly.”

Mr. Rickard is originally from Omemee (located between Peterborough and Lindsay), but does have strong family ties to the Island. “My wife Carly (whose maiden name is Head) is originally from Spring Bay,” he said. “Carly is the program director of violence against women prevention at Manitoulin Family Resources.”

The couple “moved up to Kagawong last July. Oh yes, it’s far nicer than down south, and it’s a lot quieter.”

As for what really keeps he and his wife busy, “we have a son, who is one and a half years old.” “Yeah I like working here, and my boss (Keith Jewell) is okay for a slave driver,” Mr. Rickard grinned.

As for the past six and a half months with the pandemic in place his family’s life, “hasn’t changed much with COVID,” said Mr. Rickard.

Mr. Jewell is very happy with having hired Mr. Rickard as his new mechanic. “Sean is a good asset for the business. He is here every day, he works very hard and he is a very honest mechanic.”

Remember that when you shop locally, you’re supporting friends and neighbours like Sean Rickard at Jewell’s Collision Centre and Automotive in Gore Bay.