I’m your neighbour: Vanessa Glasby is all about good food

Vanessa Glasby

LITTLE CURRENT – Vanessa Glasby has made Little Current’s Island Jar her work home since late 2017 and she couldn’t be happier. Since starting at the Island Jar, Vanessa has worked her way up to store manager.

“I was working in a lot of office jobs before and I really felt stifled,” she said.  “I always wanted to work in the local food area and I had done a lot of volunteer work in that area.”

Vanessa not only assists customers in sourcing healthy food options and holistic supplements, she lives the word after heading home at the end of the day.

“I really enjoy gardening as well as foraging; I like going out for fiddleheads and that sort of thing in the spring. I also like solo outdoor activities, like kayaking and hiking and, of course, cooking and baking,” she laughs.

Vanessa’s partner Connor also works at the Island Jar, taking station in the kitchen and preparing the delicious foods on offer from the store.

Waiting at home is a 10-year-old Sheltie named Maisie.

Remember, when you shop locally at stores like the Island Jar in Little Current you are helping to support friends and neighbours like Vanessa Glasby.