Inaugural Manitoulin Snow Drag races revs up in Providence Bay

There were plenty of sleds parked outside the Ralf island Truck Parts building in Providence Bay as the first Manitoulin Snow Drags.

PROVIDENCE BAY—The first Manitoulin Snow Drags were hosted by the Manitoulin Island Dirt Riders Association at Ralf Island Truck Parts in Providence Bay last Saturday.

“I do snowmachine drag races with my granddaughter off-Island,” said organizer Rob Cranston. “We have a lot of fun at them and I wanted to organize something locally for youth on the Island to do in the winter.”

A fresh powder of snow made favourable conditions for Saturday’s races and many racers and spectators came out to enjoy the inaugural event.

The winners include: stock open, first Greg Howson and second Cole Corbiere; 600 improved, first Rob Cranston, second Garrett Sheppard and third Brooke Addison; 700 improved, first Brooke Addison and Rob Cranston; 800 improved, first Rob Cranston, second Roman Roy and third Brooke Addison; vintage 700, first Rob Cranston, second Brooke Addison and third Tony Diodati; vintage 800, first Brooke Addison and second Tony Diodati; vintage 600, first Brooke Addison, second Rob Cranston and third Tyler Leeson; vintage open, first Rob Cranston and second Brooke Addison; vintage 500, first Caleb Byers, second Gerrit Mack and third Brooke Addison; stock non-studded, first Gerrit Mack, second Brooke Addison and Jesse McMurray; improved open, first Roman Roy, second Brendan Addison and third Brooke Addison; outlaw, first Kevin Mossip, second Roman Roy and third Brendan Addison; stock studded 700, first Greg Howson, second Rob Cranston and third Alayna Cranston; stock non-studded 500, first Gerrit Mack and second Darren Dewar; 250CC stock non-studded, first Ben Dewar, second Darren Dewar and third Aiden McFarlane; 340 stock non-studded, first Gerrit Mack, second Brooke Addison, and third Jesse McMurray.

“I would like to thank the Manitoulin Island Dirt Riders Association volunteers and Robert Cranston for putting on the Manitoulin Snow Drags and asking Ralf Island Truck Parts to host it,” said Ralf Island Truck Part owner Renee Cranston. “For being the first one, it was a great success. It was amazing to see all the participants and spectators who came out to watch a great day of racing. Thank you to everyone that raced and came out to watch.”

“I was really happy with how the event turned out,” said Mr. Cranston. “We will be holding another one (event) on Saturday, March 3 starting at 10:30 am. I hope more young people are able to come out and we are also hoping to see more classic sleds.”