Increased estimated student numbers means school board is in budget surplus position

SUDBURY – The Rainbow District School Board (RDSB) is in good shape in terms of its budget estimates for this year school year thanks to an increase in student enrolment, the board members were informed at a meeting held last week.

Dennis Bazinet, superintendent of business for the RDSB told the board, “it is a pleasure to present our revised estimates for the 2019-2020 (school year). It is a very good news story. With an increase in enrolment there has been an improvement on the financial side estimates, from our budget passed last July.”
The RDSB trustees were informed that since the original budget estimates of 12,900 students, since it was revised as of October 31, there are 13,338 students within the elementary and secondary school panel. This means there has been an increase in student enrolment of 438.

Mr. Bazinet said the increased enrolment includes an increase on the elementary panel of 295 students, 136 increase in the secondary school panel and seven in the adult day school enrolment.

With the increased enrolment, based on funding from the province of an average $10,000 per student, it means that based on the estimated numbers, the RDSB will receive an additional $4 million from what had been projected.

The board is now predicting a surplus of just over $400,000 in its budget, Mr. Bazinet told the board. 

“If my memory is correct, when we passed out budget in July (for 2019) it meant the board would need to take $1 million out of reserves, to balance our budget,” said board trustee Dena Morrison.

“And now (because of the enrolment increases) we are projecting to be able to add $400,000 to our accumulated surplus,” said Mr. Bazinet.

“And this is as a result of the increased student enrolment?” asked Ms. Morrison.

“Yes,” said Mr. Bazinet who pointed out, “I must emphasize these numbers are still predicted estimates. But we are confident we will see (remain in place) for the actual numbers.”