Insanity of light system at Little Current Swing Bridge noted

A simple suggestion could make it work

To the Expositor:

This summer I, like other Island residents, waited in line for the swing bridge. I love the swing bridge and how it makes our Island unique. Waiting in line and blocking the streets of Little Current I realized a flaw in the bridge traffic system. Leaving Little Current people wait in ‘lane 1’ and clog up the street. Most don’t obey the traffic sign that says to move into the other lanes. Why? Each time I went into ‘lane 2’, traffic all the way up to Three Cows and a Cone got to go on ahead of me. After waiting a minute after ‘lane 1’ cleared I was the only car left in ‘lane 2’ that hadn’t driven through our red light. I waited to see if our light even turned green – that’s how long it took. It finally did when I was about to give up on it. So why do people not line up in the lane like the traffic laws require? It’s simple. People are rewarded for not obeying the rules, and punished for obeying them. Few people will for the sake of doing the right thing be so inconvenienced. If people can cross sooner by not lining up properly many people will. My suggestion is make ‘lane 3’ into ‘lane 1’ by switching the order of the lights so that people will be rewarded for going into the right lane and hopefully this will minimize the clogging of the street in Little Current.

Steven Vandelden