‘Insights into Whealism’ show opens this Sunday at Perivale

Just one of the paintings from Ivan Wheale’s new show, ‘Insights into Whealism.’

PERIVALE—Perivale Gallery opens for its 36th season this Sunday, May 21 and with it the new works of the gallery’s featured artist, Ivan Wheale, with his show ‘Insights to Whealism.’

Shannon McMullan, Perivale Gallery owner/curator said she thought it was time Mr. Wheale titled his show, so he obliged.

“He’s a cheeky monkey,” Ms. McMullan said lovingly.

As always, Ms. McMullan said there is already a great deal of buzz surrounding Mr. Wheale’s new works—21 in all—and their official launch this weekend.

“These pieces are very powerful,” she added, noting that Perivale Gallery is now the exclusive source for Mr. Wheale’s works.

On top of the over 40 artists on display at the gallery, Ms. McMullan has a full slate of events on at the gallery including 10 weekend art workshops from June to September (including one offered by Mr. Wheale), artist Jay Favot’s show ‘New Horizons’ opening July 15 and the ‘In the Spirit of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven’ show, back for its third year—an annual exhibition by Perivale Gallery artists, artisans and guest artists featuring works inspired in some way by Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. Ms. McMullan sits on the provincial marketing group for the Group of Seven.

“My goal is always to encourage tourism traffic to the Island,” Ms. McMullan said, noting that people are staying for a minimum of two or three nights, buying gas and eating out, among other things when attending workshops.

The House of Perivale, the beautiful home of Ms. McMullan’s late mother Sheila, is also now on offer for events. Many people do not realize that the late Ms. McMullan, before life as a curator of art, was also a trained interior designer. So far, Perivale Gallery’s spectacular grounds have hosted three weddings.

Like her mother, “although (being a curator) is a second career, it’s become a passion,” Ms. McMullan said.

Ms. McMullan also manages the highly successful Corporate Art Canada that helps corporations find vintage works by Mr. Wheale and Haydn Butler for their office walls.

“There are many advantages to corporate art pieces,” Ms. McMullan said. “Revenue Canada has it set up that you can take 20 percent of the value of that piece each year, if the art is deemed to help the business.”

“We’re the best market for that,” she said.

Perivale Gallery also has a ‘vintage’ section on its website to peruse, or to help with estate sales.

Ms. McMullan said she is also pleased to announce that Arabella, “Canada’s biggest and finest art publication,” which has featured Mr. Wheale in the past, has also featured Perivale artists Laurie Near, Lisa Free, Hayden Butler and now this month, Jay Favot, an up-and-coming Sudbury artist whose work will be featured at the gallery in July. Cathy Boyd is also on deck to be featured this summer.

“He’s highly realistic, like Ivan,” Ms. McMullan said. “His inspirations are very eclectic, from a small child in portrait to a glorious Killarney landscape.”

Mr. Favot took home the Peg Forbes Award from the LaCloche Art Show last year—the art show’s most prestigious prize.

Perivale Gallery opens for the season this Sunday, May 21 at 1 pm featuring the new works of Ivan Wheale and the gallery’s many other talents.