International Lace Camp cancelled until 2021

GORE BAY—The International Lace Camp, annually held in Gore Bay and which originated in 1994, has been cancelled for 2020.

For this year, “the campers have made a plan to create a booklet and/or video of their July activities,” said Lauren MacDonald, one of the organizers of the Lace Camp.

Ms. MacDonald explained, “over the years, lacers have come to this event from England, the Netherlands, the United States, Alberta, Quebec, the Maritimes and Ontario in order to meet other lacers and take classes in different aspects of making lace. Many tourists and residents in Gore Bay have made the annual visit to this week-long summer event and lacers have enthusiastically shown them some of the unique kinds of lace under construction—Torchon, Honiton, Milanese and Idrian just to name a few.”

“Lacers have come to love coming to Gore Bay, often staying at the same bed and breakfast or inn or campground year after year, so losing this year’s experience was a difficult decision, but they opted for the safety of all,” continued Ms. MacDonald.
However, “they have booked space for 2021 and look forward to returning then—with a special banner created with lace from all the lace campers. The image represents Gore Bay Harbour,” added Ms. MacDonald.