International Upper Great Lakes Study Board coming to Manitoulin

To the Expositor:

I think the people of Manitoulin will be glad to know that the International Joint Commission’s (IJC) Upper Great Lakes Study Board will be holding a public meeting on August 6 at the Park Centre in Kagawong. The meeting will be primarily focused on the issue of water levels in Lakes Huron/Michigan.

The Study Board has prepared a report on various options to restore Huron/Michigan to more natural levels, primarily by controlling the outflow through the St. Clair River. The board will present its findings, but a primary purpose of the meeting is public input-an effort to determine if the people of Manitoulin think water levels are important, and to get a sense of their opinion on restoration options.

While there have been previous meetings on the water level issue, it should be noted that the IJC is the official, legal body with the power to actually make things happen. It is important that the people of Manitoulin share their understanding and insight with the Study Board.

Jim Nies