Island Christmas letter campaign for Canadian Forces personnel underway

Royal Canadian Legion Little Current Branch 177 Operation Christmas Card organizer Linda Bowerman holds the letterbox she has placed in The Expositor Office in Little Current. The box is ready to receive cards and letters to be sent to Canadian Forces personnel serving their country during the holiday season. Branch 177 is hoping to recapture the top title in the contest this year. photo by Michael Erskine

MANITOULIN – Canada Post offices across Manitoulin Island (and The Expositor Office in Little Current) are sporting slotted boxes bearing the Royal Canadian Legion logo and ‘Operation Christmas Card.’

“Let us see how many smiles we can get by sending our troops a Christmas card,” said organizer Comrade Linda Bowerman, who put that very phrase on the boxes she has been delivering across the Island.

Deadline for the letters is December 15, to ensure the cards and letters reach troops stationed overseas by Christmas. Ms. Bowerman noted that the envelopes do not need postage attached.

“We, that’s Branch 177, are taking part in Operation Christmas Card again this year,” she said. She noted that a number of those who have taken part in the past have received letters back from the Canadian Forces personnel who received the letter. “It is really heartwarming to see the difference it makes for both the sender and the person who receives it,” said Ms. Bowerman.

The project also offers up an opportunity to get some serious Legion “cred,” as it is a contest between Royal Canadian Legion zones.

“The contest runs from the first of November,” said Ms. Bowerman. “For two years we won first place. Last year we came in third.” It seems Marymount was involved and the students took up the challenge with gusto. “It really doesn’t matter who wins,” laughed Ms. Bowerman. “The important thing is to get out lots of letters going out to the troops.”

Sure… but let’s recapture Manitoulin’s top-of-the-pole position by reaching out to those folks who are serving their country far from hearth and home this holiday season by setting pen to paper and doing it old school.

Drop your cards and letters into your local Canada Post office, or stop by to visit us at The Expositor offices in Little Current and do your bit to help brighten those smiles.