Island comic Charlie Adams brings ‘Funny Business’ to Little Current


LITTLE CURRENT – Manitoulin-based funnyman Charlie Adam is bringing his own comedy stylings, as well as the laugh-worthy sets of three colleagues to the Anchor Inn in Little Current on February 15, promising a delightful evening of comedy in support of the Little Current Lions Club.

“These are really good comics, some of the best in Sudbury. There’s going to be three there plus myself,” said Mr. Adam.

The headliner for the evening is Rylan Stolar, the self-titled ‘Dealer of Comedy.’ Also taking the stage are Michael Hamilton and James Judd (of Iroquois Falls, not the US-based James Judd that hosts a show on NPR).

Mr. Adam will be serving as emcee throughout the evening. He will inject short sets of a few minutes in between the main acts’ 20-minute routines.

Islanders may know Mr. Adam for a variety of reasons—he organized a comedy show in 2016 at the Manitoulin Hotel and Conference Centre, he is a retired music teacher and is also a licenced wedding officiant with Humanist Canada. He has put together next Saturday’s show as a benefit event for the Little Current Lions Club.

“Someone mentioned to me after that (2016) show that I should consider donating part of the proceeds to a charity of some sort. It was a good idea,” said Mr. Adam. “The Lions will benefit by selling more tickets and the comics will benefit because they get a more lively audience.”

Although the licenced event is 19+, he said the comedic material would not delve into areas he referred to as “gross.” 

“I picked the sort of material that a general audience would like to hear. Some comics in Sudubury call me the king of clean—that doesn’t mean I don’t have suggestive material, but I’d never let the F-bomb go,” said Mr. Adam.

Comedic inspiration originates in a number of places for Mr. Adam. He has kept a journal of humorous experiences over the years through family and friends, and taken small amounts of artistic licence to enhance the stories. However, certain parts of his life are off-limits based on his own comedic principles.

“I don’t include anything about teaching. There’s sort of a sacred trust there. But with all of the other comics at the event, there’s such a wide range of topics,” said Mr. Adam.

He had glowing recommendations of his fellow performers. Mr. Hamilton has hosted the longest-running open mic event in Sudbury at Little Montreal, a major hub of the Nickel City comedy scene. 

Mr. Stoller, who hails from Spanish, hosts another open mic show at The Asylum in Sudbury. Mr. Judd was described as possibly the funniest performer of the night, though Mr. Adam has only been able to see him perform a couple of times.

Mr. Adam said he hoped to see a good number of people at the show; he said the bigger the audience, the bigger the thrill. 

Anchor Inn co-owner Denise Callaghan said she was looking forward to hosting the event.

“(Mr. Adam) seems like he’s got a bit of a following and that’s always good. We’re very happy they’re donating part of their funds to the Lions Club as well,” she said.

Ms. Callaghan added that she hoped attendees would get a nice happiness boost and wear big smiles during the evening of good entertainment.

The Little Current Lions Club was the lucky benefactor for the show because he said it is an important part of the Island’s support and service network.

“When I do another one of these shows in the future, maybe I’ll pick another. I’d like to do other parts of the Island too because I’ve already done several in Little Current,” said Mr. Adam.

The Little Current show is at the Anchor Inn on Saturday, February 15 at 9 pm. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased through the Anchor Inn or by calling Mr. Adam directly at 705-561-9690.

Those who want to check out the show but cannot make it on Saturday can get a one-day sneak preview at the Espanola Legion on Friday, February 14 at 8 pm. Proceeds from that show will be going to support the hosting Legion.