Island couple awaits news of their sailboat in Fort Pierce as Hurricane Matthew continues its wrath

The Fracas tied down to four one ton concrete blocks dry docked in Fort Pierce, Florida.

FORT PIERCE—A Little Current couple is awaiting news of their sailboat docked in Fort Pierce, Florida and the communities in the Bahamas where the couple spends their winters as Hurricane Matthew raked through on its path of destruction.

“It may be awhile before we hear anything about Fracas (sailboat),” said Greg Wright who, along with his wife Mary Lynn, season in the Bahamas on their boat. “Repairs for phone, Internet etc. take a while after a hurricane and it could take years to get everything back working down there. We don’t know how bad it is yet (for the boat) but the winds were strong.”

He said that it appears that Matthew’s centre of circulation stayed about 30 miles off the shore, but that the community of Fort Pierce still had big winds ashore and a storm surge.

The Wrights are scheduled to return to Fracas and head to the Bahamas on November 1.

Hurricane Matthew became the fifth hurricane of the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season last Thursday.

According to the Weather Network, Hurricane Matthew’s eye first came ashore in the Greater Antilles in the western Tiburon Peninsula of Haiti near the town of Les Anglais around 7 am EDT last Tuesday.

As of Friday, October 7, Hurricane Matthew’s eyewall continued to brush part of Florida’s northeast coast with high winds and storm surge flooding with warnings of potentially serious rainfall flooding into Georgia, South Carolina and southern North Carolina.