Island Doors swing open for business

Ed Budge, of Providence Bay, has opened his new business, Island Doors.

PROVIDENCE BAY—Need a damaged or worn out door repaired? If so, Island Doors will no doubt fit the bill.

The new business owned and operated by Ed Budge of Providence Bay opened in May of this year. “I’ve had a few jobs so far; it’s been good, people here are great,” he told the Recorder. Island Doors is a garage repair business, and for the time being, Mr. Budge is going to operate and run the business himself, noting, “at this point I don’t know what the potential is yet.”

“I just think a door repair business is a service that Manitoulin Island can use,” said Mr. Budge. “There are only a couple of guys that provide this service as they are home builders; one definitely is. I’ve been going around to the building supply service businesses on the Island to get my name out there—they can sell the doors and I will repair them if and when it is needed.”

Prior to moving to Providence Bay with his wife Yvonne, Mr. Budge, who is originally from Walford, had lived in Sudbury for 30 years. “We had been wanting to build a home in the country and had been looking at building from scratch and a potential business on the North Shore, but it didn’t offer what the Island does. I think there is more potential for a door repair business here on the Island.”

Mr. Budge has long term experience in the industry, having worked for Provincial Doors in Sudbury for 10 years prior to moving to the Island. “I just got tired of working for the man and we decided to move here.”

“I’m trying to stick to residential door work, nothing too big to start, although I’ve done repairs on bigger door projects, which is what I did at Provincial,” said Mr. Budge. He noted that the late Harold Kirk had provided the same type of door repair business in the area and, “we felt moving here and opening the business was good timing and provided a good opportunity.”

Mr. Budge has also been working: “Helping out” at Shaw’s Farm Supply and Septic, providing port-a-potty services. “Shaw’s has been doing a lot of festivals and events; they are great people to work for. It seems to me living on the Island you almost need to have a few different hats to make a living on the Island. And sometimes it’s good to have a variety of things to work at.”

Island Doors is located at Mr. Budge’s residence at 4731 highway 551 in Providence Bay. He can be contacted at 705-377-4133, on his cell at 705-207-4642 or by email at