Island health groups to form Manitoulin Health Collaborative

MANITOULIN— The Manitoulin Provider Group, a group made up of 16 health agencies from across Manitoulin, is now in the process of establishing the Manitoulin Health Collaborative.

“The provider group has been meeting for over five years,” explained Manitoulin Health Centre CEO Derek Graham. “The group consists of representatives (front line workers, managers) from 16 health agencies across Manitoulin and we meet every second month. We work on task related issues such as the transition of patients between the various health agencies.”

“We now want to add another layer, an executive collaborative, in order to do broader work,” continued Mr. Graham. “We want to look at shortcomings with the system and gaps in service.  An executive collaborative can provide more of a planning level and look at gaps in service and what we can do to improve shortcomings from a strategic approach.”

Mr. Graham said that the draft for the Manitoulin Health Collaborative is very principal-based and contains elements of how the collaborative will work together, pooling resources when it makes sense.

“Through dialogue with the North East Local Health Integration Network and government officials, there is strong support for this idea,” added Mr. Graham. “With the collaborative we will be able to pool together strengths and work together. We will be able to speak with one, powerful voice.”

The Manitoulin Health Collaborative is still in the development stage, but Mr. Graham said that there will be more information to come moving forward about the group and the benefits it will bring to Manitoulin health care.