Island health partners encourage you to join them for a wild safari

Noojmowin Teg Health Centre and Mnaamodzawin Health Services have hidden 20 photos of animals around Manitoulin. If you see one, snap a photo and put it on Instagram or Facebook using #ManitoulinAnimalHunt for a chance to win prizes.

#ManitoulinAnimalHunt is on now until May 1

MANITOULIN – Noojmowin Teg and Mnaamodzawin Health Services are encouraging Islanders to go on safari! But don’t worry, while some of the animals you’ll be seeing may be in ‘the wild,’ it’s just their photos that hunters will be seeking.

There are 20 different photos of animals—all local creatures—that can be found hidden across the Island. Each photo includes the animal’s Anishinaabemowin name too so ‘the hunt’ doubles as a great way to learn the language.

The idea came from Noojmowin Teg’s own Kim Stewart, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder co-ordinator and Lauren Dewar, Mnaamodzawin maternal and child health nurse—both mothers of young children who are currently working at home and trying to keep their families entertained.

“We realize the importance of still getting out safely and getting the kids excited,” Ms. Stewart told The Expositor.

Once you find an animal you must snap a photo, upload it to either Instagram or Facebook and be sure to tag it with #ManitoulinAnimalHunt. Each time a photo is uploaded with this hashtag, you and your family will be entered into a draw for some great prizes.

“We’re hoping to generate a buzz that’s not only COVID-19,” Ms. Stewart said. “They (the animal hunt photos) are literally everywhere across Manitoulin, including in some of our smaller communities.”

A sample of what to look for can be seen in the photo to the right, but the photos will also be easy to spot as they will include both the Noojmowin Teg and Mnaamodzawin logos as well as the Anishinaabemowin word for the animal.

“It’s open to all, and all ages!” Ms. Stewart added.

The #ManitoulinAnimalHunt is on now until May 1.

Happy hunting!