Island men launch new healthy-lifestyle podcast

Islanders Jesse Beaudin, background, and Matt Maracle record the first episode of ‘Raise The Bar,’ a podcast documenting their wellness journey.

Tune in to ‘Raise The Bar’ to follow Matt and Jesse’s journey

MANITOULIN—Islanders Jesse Beaudin and Matt Maracle have started their own podcast, ‘Raise The Bar,’ documenting their wellness journey.

“Matt and Jesse are two fat dudes trying to improve themselves in all aspects of life,” states the podcast description. “This is a show designed to document their successes and failures along the way. Based on Manitoulin Island, these young aboriginal guys incorporate traditional based knowledge, scientific research and social influences into their approach for balanced human optimization.”

After tuning into the first podcast, which was released New Year’s Day, The Expositor caught up with Mr. Beaudin to hear about where the inspiration for ‘Raise The Bar’ came from and what listeners can expect moving forward.

“We have both always enjoyed listening to podcasts and were listening to them more than music last year,” explained Mr. Beaudin. “Throughout the years my cousin Matt and I have had different bets and competitions for things like losing weight. This past September we started talking about how we wanted to get healthier—mind and body—and the idea for the podcast started.”

Mr. Beaudin said that the pair felt the podcast would be a good way to not only keep them accountable and catalogue their successes and failures, but also might serve as an inspiration for others.

“We wanted to do something good for ourselves and thought ‘hey, if it helps inspire someone else, great’,” said Mr. Beaudin.

Mr. Beaudin, 22, grew up in M’Chigeeng and has returned home to work for Manitoulin Streams, while Mr. Maracle, 29, also recently moved home and is working as the program coordinator for Raise the Spirit in Sheguiandah and is residing in Little Current with his family.

“After graduating from Nippissing (University) I was thinking, ‘now what’?” said Mr. Beaudin. “I want to get as much out of life and I see this podcast as a platform for that—to monitor not only my fitness journey but set new goals.”

The pair say they plan to feature guests on the show who inspire them or have knowledge to help them on their journey.

“We have been talking about who inspires us on the Island and we would like to bring some of those people on show,” said Mr. Beaudin. “Our families have been really supportive of our goals already. This month we have given up booze and the ‘five white gifts’—salt, sugar, flour, lard and milk—the items brought over with colonization. We have also set the goal to get in 210 minutes of activity per week.”

“After the month’s end we will see where we are and use that information to help set long-term goals,” he added. “It’s all about balance.”

Behind the microphone, Mr. Maracle has been leading Mr. Beaudin through a medicine wheel exercise, ticking off a self-evaluation of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical being.

“The idea is that as you tick off the different areas, you want to be able to connect them to make a circle that is as rounded as possible,” said Mr. Beaudin. “We did it at the beginning of the month and plan to again at the end of January.”

After recording their first podcast, the guys posted the link on Facebook.

“We just wanted to get the word out about the podcast and let people know in case they wanted to give it a listen,” he shared.

The Expositor informed Mr. Beaudin that the podcast was currently at 86 downloads.

“Wow!” said Mr. Beaudin. “I didn’t know—that’s pretty cool. We are glad people are listening and hope that they enjoy the show.”

Raise The Bar will be recording their podcast on Thursdays each week, with episodes airing on Fridays.

To learn more about the podcast or listen visit or download from iTunes.