Island Skate brings flurry of activity to Little Current

Sophie Caza of the Chelmsford Skating Club strikes a pose following her Sunday afternoon Introductory Free Skate.

LITTLE CURRENT—The highlight of the Island figure skating scene brought hundreds of figure skaters and their parents representing 14 clubs and communities across the North to compete before the careful eyes of SkateCanada judges.

“This is where the skaters’ skills, solo free skate, interpretive solos and dances are tested by SkateCanada judges,” said co-organizer Martha Boyle. “Our skaters did extremely well in all their tests. Thanks to Denise Graham, our test chair, for organizing and keeping it on time.”

Judges for the event included Justin Woodley (technical representative) Sylvie Jeanneault, Alicia Canning, Kathy Robinson, Mary Henderson, Kirsten Swanson, Cassandra Mazzuca, Ashely Quackenbush and Eric Charrette.

Data specialists included chief date specialist Loraine Greasley, Kelly Langevin, Donna Green and Teresa Perdicou.

The results for the first level Introductory saw Jessica Boyle of Little Current competing in Elements and achieving a silver medal. She also competed in her free skate and received a medal with a recommendation to advance to the the next level. “This was her goal for the competition,” said Ms. Boyle, Jessica’s mom. “In this level skaters are competing, however they receive a gold, silver or bronze placement. Skaters with a gold achievement are automatically advanced to the next level.”

In the Pre-preliminary level skaters begin to compete for medals and there are several flights of skaters, explained Ms. Boyle. “Not all of our skaters compete with each other. They are often in different flights.”

The full results from the competition are as follows: Laura Orford, gold medal in Elements; Nicole Boyle, silver in Elements. (This was Nicole’s first medal.); Alexis Lewis, bronze medal in Elements and Kendra Jordison, bronze in Fifth.

In Spins, Laura Orford received a silver medal; Kendra Jordison received a bronze; Nicole Boyle secured a sixth and Jessica Boyle also garnered a sixth.

In Free Skate, Laura Orford received a gold medal; Alexis Lewis received a silver medal; and Nicole Boyle placed with a bronze medal and Kendra Jordison garnered a fourth.

In Pre-preliminary Teams the Island team of Alexis Lewis, Nicole Boyle and Jessica Boyle won a gold medal.

The Preliminary results included, Jasmine Clark winning a gold medal in Elements. Spins saw Jasmine Clark win a gold medal and Alexis Lewis win a bronze medal. In Junior Bronze Elements, Karissa Merrilees gathered a first place finish; Shaylee Taylor  came in fifth place; Libby Wood finished with a fifth; and Mikaila Kennedy harvested a bronze medal. In Spins Shaylee Taylor won a silver; Karissa Merrylees won a bronze and Libby Wood came in fourth. In

Free Skate Shaylee Taylor won a silver; Mikaila Kennedy won a fourth; Jasmine Clark came in fourth place along with Karissa Merrylees who scored a fourth and Libby Wood who scored a fifth. In the Team event, Shaylee Taylor, Jasmine Clark, Mikaila Kennedy and Karrissa Merrylees won a silver. In the Interpretive event, Kendra Jordison received her first gold medal in Pre-introductory. Also in Pre-introductory, Alexis Lewis won a bronze medal. In Introductory, Shaylee Taylor scored a gold medal, Libby Wodd scored a silver medal and Jasmine Clark       scored a bronze medal. In Bronze Interpretive, Karissa Merrylees scored a bronze.

In the Show Program, junior category, Jasmine Clark placed gold; Shaylee Taylor placed fourth and Laura Orford placed seventh. In the Senior Show, Karissa Merrylees scored a bronze medal. In Solo Dance, Senior Bronze, Jasmine Clark brought home a silver medal and Shaylee Taylor a bronze medal. In Couples Interpretive, Jasmine Clark and Shaylee Taylor secured a fifth place score.

“A huge thank you to the Island Skate committee for their hard work all weekend,” said Ms. Boyle, whose fellow committee members included Pat Wood, Andrea Lewis and Dale Jordison. “Also thank you to Brandon Boyle and Nathanial Wood who spent their entire weekend helping post the results; Jane Drolet and Karen McGaughy for helping with music and announcing all weekend and to all the other volunteers that donated and volunteered their time.”

The Island Skate committee certainly deserved the kudos considering the huge influx of skaters and their coaches and parents who flooded into the Little Current arena for the event. With clockwork precision the skaters were registered, directed to their dressing rooms and ushered out onto the ice in front of the judges, bringing the fruits of their yearlong efforts out into the spotlight before a very appreciative and supportive crowd.