‘It’s election time again, so speak up folks’

To our MPP and MP and The Expositor:

Regardless of who we are, we should be treated the same. It’s an election time again, so speak up folks. Some of the chiefs are always wanting more money for the children and what are they spending it on?

They need to teach the children respect for others and to work for their money.

I read Bernadette (Corbiere) Nahmiwan in the May 11 issue of the Expositor “We must remember a more peaceful, respectful time, page 4” and I agree with her. Many of the other children work for their education with very little help and that’s how it should be. It’s the same as this land claim, a one-sided affair. I hope the municipalities follow this through. If natives want to buy off the reserve they should pay taxes. Why not? The older people who live alone are paying big taxes with no help. They have all worked hard to make Manitoulin what it is.

Those olden times of treaties are over, let’s get on with everyone working together. Think of the future.

We all use the hospitals and some schools and etc.

We all should and must pay taxes. No matter what nationality we are. So I hope the government does the right thing and gets things on track.

Yours truly,
J. B. Simon
Big Lake

PS: We have to work together.