Jack Whyte: A celebration of life

Jack Whyte

PROVIDENCE BAY – The Mutchmor Gallery in Providence Bay, along with Ashley and Dylon Whyte, are co-hosting an extensive exhibit of works by the late artist Jack Whyte.

“The experience is breathtaking both literally in terms of all the effort we have put into the show and figuratively in terms of a once-in-a-lifetime art exhibit,” said Dylon Whyte, the late artist’s son and the co-owner of Whytes Artful Publishing—the company Dylon Whyte and his wife Ashley originally conceived for managing works that the Whyte family co-created, including Jack’s autobiography ‘Scrapbook: a story of art.’

“Last summer we discussed putting together a show for Jack. Our original intention was to only feature his most recent works, but the idea evolved into something much more inclusive thanks to Matt Garniss and Bridget Sarpong, owners of The Mutchmor Gallery in Providence Bay,” said Ms. Whyte. “Dylon had been giving tours of Jack’s home studio as an initiative to crowd source solutions for how to best preserve Jack Whyte’s life’s work. When Matt and Bridget visited, they suggested we create an exhibit that captures the essence of Jack’s life and artistic practice.”

The Whytes concluded that digitally recording works, primarily in the form of scanning and photographing, are the most efficient means of preserving Jack’s artwork. However, the question remained of what should be done with the original works themselves in order to ensure their safekeeping.

“We’ve been documenting everything we can, but it’s difficult to decide how to manage everything, especially because there are so many pieces. However, one of the best ways to protect art is to make works available to private collectors so that they can be taken care of,” stated Ms. Whyte. “We hope many of the works find homes where they will be loved and cherished.”

Jack Whyte’s most recent assemblages, created from whatever materials he happened to have on hand, provide a peek into the artist’s creativity and are part of a unique collection of works that have never previously been on public display.

Also on exhibit are Jack Whyte’s ‘Time Pieces,’ a series of works whose history spans the length of his professional career on Manitoulin, but which have never previously been shown together.

“More than anything, we hope visitors to the Jack Whyte Art Exhibit bring their cameras, sketchpads and open minds. It is a wonderful thought to imagine Dad’s artistic legacy inspiring future generations,” stated Mr. Whyte.

The Jack Whyte Art Exhibit officially opens Saturday, June 22 with an afternoon reception beginning at 1 pm. The show will remain open all through this summer, running seven days a week from 9 am to 5 pm through July and August.

For more information please contact Ashley and Dylon Whyte at contact@whytesonline.com.