Jeff Leeson and friends comedy on stage Friday night at Anchor Inn

Comedian Jeff Leeson will appear this Friday on the Anchor Inn stage.

LITTLE CURRENT—Back by popular demand, comedian Jeff Leeson (and special guests) are appearing on the Anchor Inn stage this Friday, May 19 with a show he promises won’t disappoint.

Mr. Leeson, his host Ty and as the opening act, retired teacher Charles Adam of Honora Bay, promises to have the audience in stitches this Friday night with a brand of comedy Mr. Leeson deems “very, very personal.”

“We get to a lot of smaller towns and like to include the local people,” he explained. Mr. Leeson described his comedic style as a mix of long form improvisation and traditional stand-up.

“Normally, stand-up comedians have a routine, but each night is different based on my surroundings,” the comedian said. “I’m very improvisational.”

While Mr. Leeson has been performing stand-up shows for the last 17 years, since the tender age of 16, the last six or seven years his style has changed to more “free form and off the cuff.”

“The stage is like a second home for me,” he added. “I’m more comfortable on stage in front of strangers than I would be at a house party.”

Mr. Leeson had his first Yuk Yuk’s show at age 16. From then, his mother would drive him to gigs a couple of nights a week.

“My mom was my biggest supporter and never missed a show in those early years,” he said.

Mr. Leeson credits his style to his child-like curiosity about the world and the people in it.

“A funky shirt in the audience might catch my eye and I’ll just run with it,” he said. “Small towns work very well with this type of comedy.”

“It’s such a unique experience for people to come and have fun with one another, especially in a small town where most of the time people know each other.” Mr. Leeson said the show isn’t “overly dirty” so it’s for “almost” everybody.

“It’s a stand-up show like no other touring North America right now,” the comedian assures.

Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Get your advance tickets at the Anchor Inn or by calling 705-368-2023. Doors open at 9 pm.