Kudos for The Expositor editorial

No mixed emotions here

To the Expositor:

I don’t know who wrote the editorial in the November 15 Expositor (‘Tax evasion slight of hand tarnishes hard work and success,’ Page 4) but wow, it was right on.

Within 70-plus years I’ve voted Conservative, NDP, Liberal and even Green and still believe they have some real environmental strategies that could work.

But right now, I’m realizing I voted wrong for Mr. Harper as I’m seeing my vote for Mr. Trudeau is going somewhere. Yes, he has made mistakes like we all do, but he tries to remedy them as soon as they come up.

Our Native friends are seeing changes, our minimum wage workers are going to line better, hydro is coming down. Putting a stop on the black mark of marijuana is progressing and the Ring of Fire is being worked on.

As the off-shore banking is legal and I also want the best deal, there is little to be negative about.

Smile folks, things look good for the future!

P.S. negativity breeds negativity!


Lyle Dewar

Providence Bay