Kudos to the First Nations negotiators for hydro delivery victory

If a handful of First Nations negotiators can get a deal, what about our 106 MPPs?

To the Expositor:

Re. Hydro consumers on First Nations won’t be charged for delivery fee’ article by Michael Erskine, March 15, 2017 in The Manitoulin Expositor.

Premier Kathleen Wynne recently announced news that First Nations community residents will be exempted from delivery charges on their electricity bills.

If you have negative feelings when reading about First Nations getting perks that the rest of us don’t, think again. First Nations saw a need. In this case, they enlisted three (among others) excellent negotiators, with wonderful results. We should admire them for that.

At the moment, there are 106 MPPs in Ontario, including our own Michael Mantha.

Question to MPPs: I doubt very much if the negotiations between Ms. Wynne and First Nations was a secret. Were any of you there? If you couldn’t be there, are you planning similar negotiations for a comparable fair share from Ms. Wynne for the rest of your constituents? If a handful of First Nation negotiators were so successful, imagine what 106 negotiators could do?

We voted you in. You are our voice. Don’t just sit there. Do something!

Carol Lang