Kudos to First Nations communities embracing sustainable projects

To the Expositor:

Viewed from downtown Toronto, I am amazed at the continuing attempts to derail the McLean’s Mountain Power Project by some council members. Since the previous Northeast Town council embraced this concept, I can only assume that either the new council members have reservations (pun) about the involved First Nations having such a large project in the township, or, even worse, are anti-Native.

I myself, who live and work in the downtown of the largest city in Canada, find the concept of having a windmill within a few miles of my property in NEMI a non-issue. Our neighboring reserves, who own a whole 50 percent of this power project, have gained my respect for having the foresight and initiative to become more self sufficient. How can you throw obstacles at that? Many reserves are mired in the colonial vision of the grasshopper ideal (the world owes me a living) with disastrous results. A welfare state is demeaning and demoralizing. A group of farseeing and ambitious people are trying to get a business development for their people that are not only lucrative but has great ramifications for the future, not only in jobs, but also in self respect.

I, for one, was appalled at the temper tantrum thrown by council representatives over the mishap on Rockville Road when the crane rented by the M’Chigeeng power project had the misfortune to go into the ditch. Stuff happens! Get over it! These people are just trying to improve the life of their Band members.

Don’t let the selfish, self-interested few who are so vocal stop you from admiring the initiative shown by Grant Taibossigai, Joe Hare, Chief Shining Turtle, and all the other chiefs involved who are improving the life of their people now and in the future.

Stephanie Cicciarella