Kudos to team of volunteers for excellent races

To the Expositor:

I want to say congratulations to the Southeast Lions for their terrific weekend of the Pro Challenge snowmobile races. It was great! But what a lot of work went into this endeavor. Kudos to President Dorothy Chapman and all the other members of the Lions. There are too many people to name then all, but a big thank you to Harold Clarke and all the other men that worked on getting the track ready. From keeping the trucks running to flood, thawing out the hoses, getting drivers, getting gas, getting they hay and on and on. A never ending process. Harold; it’s a time consuming job and I commend you for all your work. Thanks! Living on the corner of the racetrack I watched all the preparations with much anticipation. The trucks would head out to flood at night when hydro was cheaper. They did their best to save money wherever possible. The number of volunteers to be thanks, drivers, gate keepers, security, parking attendants and whatever; took a lot of scheduling. Wonderful job done. It was a community effort and I think everyone was glad to help. Now that the races are over and the corner is quiet again, I think “Now what will I do?” I miss the action. Until next year, congratulations on a job well done and from all the positive comments I heard, a very successful weekend. Thank you!

Roberta McKenzie