La Cloche Art Show ‘Hanging in There’ at 42

WHITEFISH FALLS – A record crowd of artists, volunteers, family and friends were on hand for the traditional opening reception and awards ceremony and for folks like La Cloche Art Show artist emeritus and co-founder Ivan Wheale, the reception and show holds the role of “old home week,” as many familiar faces in the Northern Ontario art world attend the show. The venerable grand mentor to many of the show’s exhibitors was kept busy with hugs and kisses as colleagues and friends stopped him to offer greetings and well wishes.

“I don’t think I have ever seen so many people here at the reception,” offered Mr. Wheale. “It is really gratifying to see.”

The reception, which is held in the Whitefish Falls Fire Hall, was sent scrambling as, for the first time in 42 years, a call came in to attend an accident on Highway 6 just before the awards were to get underway.

Master of ceremonies Carmela Ciccarelli welcomed everyone to the show as the excitement of the fire crew donning gear and driving off in the fire trucks settled down, going on to thank the many volunteers and committee members who help make each year’s show a success.

This year’s art show committee consisted of Peter Bolduc, Trudy Bolduc, Jon Butler, Kerry Butler, Susan Cairns, Carmela Ciccarelli, Amy Collins, Gail Meehan, Suzanne Miron, Judith Mosher and Rachel Newton.

Jurors for the La Cloche Art Show were Marcie Breit (fine arts), Wallace Gillard (fine arts), Richard Neufield (fine arts), Tracy Baker (photography) and Douglas Bornn (photography).

“We would like to thank the students and art teachers of A.B. Ellis and Little Current Public Schools for their beautiful artwork,” said Ms. Ciccarelli. “The La Cloche Art Show delights in encouraging young artists and providing a showcase for well known and lesser known artists.”

Best of Show was awarded to Martin Foley for ‘Killarney Shoreline, Georgian Bay.’ The Peg Forbes Memorial Award went to Monique Legault for ‘Wheatgrass at Sunset;’ the Ivan Wheale Award went to Linda Mullola for ‘Winter Storm on Long Lake;’ Carole Gougeon Award for the best artist under 30 went to Jamie Duncanson for ‘Up Close; A Churning Eddy;’ and the Art Committee’s Choice Award went to Penny Bois for the haunting work ‘Homeless.’

La Cloche Art show Best of Show was awarded to Martin Foley for Killarney Shoreline.

Acrylic first place went to Kathleen Pistor for ‘For the Love of Georgian Bay;’ second place went to Martin Kotyluk for ‘Aerial Surveillance;’ and honourable mentions went to Suzanne Lindsay for ‘Wisdom of the Sky’ and Beth Bouffard for ‘My Place In The Sun.’

Drawing first place went to Susan Lampinen for ‘Crooked Creek,’ there was a three-way tie for second place, going to Brigitte Bere for ‘Defiance’ and Susan Lampinen, who tied herself for the two works ‘Sweet Dreams’ and ‘Winter Visitor.’

Mixed Media first place was awarded to Linda Finn for ‘Recollection;’ second place went to Ruth Reid for ‘Something in the Air’ and honourable mentions went to Laura Landers for ‘Prospector’s Campsite’ and Mary-Lou MacDonald for ‘As The Crow Flies.’

First place in Oil went to Ruth Wallace for ‘Powerful Attraction Over Whitefish Falls;’ second place went to Mark Hope for ‘Precipice;’ and honourable mentions went to Gail Meehan for ‘Promise of Spring’ and ‘Waiting for Lunch.’

Pastel first place honours went to Beth Bouffard for ‘Sun Dance #2;’ she also took second place for ‘Yearning to Fly;’ while honourable mentions went to  Donna Kanerva for ‘Conlon’s Gold’ and Christy A. Smith for ‘Green Canoe.’

Photography first place went to John Knox for ‘Elemental;’ second place went to Andre Plante for ‘46 7’39” N 81 43’47.5” W,’ and honourable mentions went to Kathy Foley for ‘Looking Down’ and Petra Wall for ‘Perfect Camouflage.’

First place in sculpture went to Suzanne McCrae for ‘Willie and the Fire Hydrant;’ while second place went to Adrienne Assinewai for ‘Northern Ghost’ and Gene Solomon for ‘The Importance of Water’ and Vic Laberge for ‘Flower Power.’

Watercolour first place went to Richard Edwards for ‘First Light;’ second place to Ruth Reid for ‘Northern SpellCaster: Winter Solstice’ with honourable mentions going to Ellen Lewis for ‘Yellow Flowers 1’ and Cliff Jewell for ‘Old Blowtorch.’

Richard Edwards takes first place in Watercolours at the 42nd Annual La Cloche Art Show. Photo by Michael Erskine

The Elementary School Art Patricia L. Meehan Award went to Lily Kuula for ‘Up.’ While in the elementary school division, Marissa McGraw Hill took first place for ‘Sunset Bouquet;’ second to Kaitlyn McGrath for ‘Polished Paper,’ with honourable mentions going to Ava Prior for ‘Tree of Life’ and de la Riva and Bourcier Kindergarten classes for ‘Water Lilies.’

It took a motley crew of artists, volunteer organizers and art fans to make the 42nd annual La Cloche Art show a success. The show is on in Whitefish Falls until July 7.

The La Cloche Art Show will run until July 7 from 11 am to 5 pm daily. Raffle tickets are available for a chance to win distinguished artist Marcie Breit’s ‘Hanging in There.’