Lake Huron, Michigan water levels highest in 20 years

LAKE HURON—Lake Huron’s water levels are the highest they’ve been at this time since 1997.

Derrick Beach of Environment and Climate Change Canada told The Expositor that while the lake has begun its seasonal decline, dropping four centimetres so far this month, the wet spring and summer contributed to a stay in this drop.

Mr. Beach explained that the current levels of 176.92 metres are 45 centimetres above the August average and 18 centimetres above this time last year while the beginning-of-September numbers saw Lake Huron at 44 centimetres above average for the beginning of September and 16 centimetres above the beginning-of-September 2016 numbers.

Lake Huron is still, however, 46 centimetres below the record high of 1986.

Mr. Beach says he and his counterparts at ECCC expect levels to stay high into the fall and likely well above average into the new year, even if dry fall weather occurs.

“It’s left us certainly higher than we’ve seen,” Mr. Beach said of the summer weather, noting that all the Great Lakes are experiencing above-average levels.