Lake Huron’s water levels continue to slide to historical low

To the Expositor:

Although we have enjoyed quite a wet spring, as of June 24, 2011 the water level in Lake Huron was still down 1 inch when compared to the prior year while over the same time period, Lake Erie was up 16 inches. Of greater concern is the fact that Lake Huron’s water level continues its slide towards an all-time historical low.

On August 6, 2011 from 10-noon at Kagawong’s Park Center, the International Upper Great Lakes Study Board members will be holding a public meeting to present their findings and potential regulation plans for Lake Huron. This meeting offers you a chance to provide input and ask questions of Study Board members and researchers. You may also submit comments and input by traditional mail, email, and via the Great Lakes Study website at

We urge you to attend this meeting and encourage everyone to ask questions about Lake Huron’s future water levels.

Therese Trainor, secretary
Manitoulin Area Stewardship Council