Lakeview School wins Biidaaban Classic Hockey Tournament

The Lakeview School hockey team were the A division champions at the Biidaaban Classic Hockey Tournament. The team includes Kyle Debassige, Noah Hare, Danny Feir, Ashlyn Hare, Jacob Genereux, Dakota Hare, Shannon Debassige, Oha Cada, Alyxander Sago, Randi Lynn Lovelace, Cassandra Bisson, Caleb Blackbird, Johnny Bushy, Maverick Bushy and Nyron Panamick.

SAGAMOK FIRST NATION–Lakeview School from the M’Chigeeng First Nation once again demonstrated its ice hockey prowess by winning the A division championship at the 25th annual Biidaaban Hockey Classic. Hosted by the Biidaaban School from the Sagamok First Nation, this annual tournament features hockey teams from various elementary schools along the North Shore and Manitoulin Island. Lakeview’s team, coached by John Roy and assisted by Travis Corbiere (trainer), Lorraine Corbiere-Debassige (Manager), Mitchel Payette and Rising Sun Hare (assistant coaching staff), went on to beat a strong team from the Biidaaban School with a score of 9 to 6 in the A division championship.