Large grass fire doused before more serious damage done


EVANSVILLE—With the very dry conditions, not to mention being windy, an Evansville couple is fortunate that a fire that took place on their property on May 9 wasn’t much worse.

“It was a very large grass fire,” said Duncan Sinclair, deputy fire chief of the Gore Bay volunteer fire department, which assisted the Burpee-Mills fire department in putting out the fire.

The fire took place on the property of Vic and Cynda Noble of Evansville. “The bush and grass are very dry and it was fortunate the fire didn’t spread much more than it did,” said Barret Wright, a member of the Burpee-Mills Fire Department. He explained, “there was some damage done to the outbuildings on the property, with the siding melted on the back of Vic’s meat shop, but all the buildings are still standing.” Firefighters had a tough time containing the flames, especially with the windy conditions.

“It is also fortunate they live near the lake, and the Gore Bay fire department helped us draw water from the lake and use it to put out the fire,” said Mr. Wright.

A woodshed on the property was also burnt on one side, and the flames at one point hopped the fence to  another property but this was also contained.