Larry Killens interprets police numbers editorial

A police service is a good as the community it serves

To the Expositor:

Re: Editorial of August 5, 2015 – Haweater’s energy may be diminished by police numbers

I feel that like a skilled surgeon, the editorial set out to not criticize/malign or otherwise place the police in a bad light—the editorial skilfully set out the why/how/and by what means this practice needs to stop (abundance of police at an event). Different from the excellent letter of August 19 by Linda Bowerman, the consideration of financial downside/upside was not a factor in the editorial. To me the editorial went to the point of suggesting a community that is calling for a “second look,” if you will. To the contrary of the naysayers, the editorial of August 5 set to deliver kudos to the OPP and their men/women for a job well done.

Using the analogy of a skilled surgeon once again (in words and descriptors), when your personal physician prescribes medication to you, the warning label usually accompanying said prescription, “Take medication until complete even if symptoms subside.” The policing of a large weekend such as this had been as a result of an abundance of out of control people ruining a good time. That solution or “fix it” set out and prescribed was an increased presence of police officers at the request of the community (mayor and council). The police in their usual efficient and tactful manner complied with that request and did what they do well and that is protect and serve their community. The medication (extra officers) is now being suggested be looked at and re-considered in a very skilful and respectful manner by the author. No where does it place the skilled and effective medication for the community event, ergo more police. To the contrary, unintended it may have served its purpose and cause a reverse effect.

In closing I liken this to having police officers at high school dances, especially graduation of our high school. We rave about preparing our kids for adulthood and living a life of responsibility. Policing costs them (students) over and above, to have the police (armed) at this dance. Here we send them (our graduates) out into the world saying they are ready and yet have them watched over by armed officers at a formal dance. Shouldn’t we sit down with their spokespersons (Student Council and Three Fires) and discuss the need or lack of it for police presence?

The students are not kids anymore and neither are the parents at Haweater Weekend! This takes us back to the old saying, “A police service is as good as the community it serves.” I suggest we have the best police!

Larry Killens

South Baymouth