LCPS students test their mettle at Rainbow track and field meet


SUDBURY – A contingent of student athletes from Little Current Public School has recently competed in the R.E. Gibson memorial junior track and field meet at Laurentian University in Sudbury, with student Rhyis Arthurs bringing home a first-place finish in the boys’ 100-metre dash.

“A total of 440 students in Grades 3 and 6, representing 18 different elementary schools, took part. The top eight finishers from each event (top five only from 1,500-metre and high jump) qualify for the champions meet, slated for Thursday, June 20,” said David Makela, athletic administrator in the Sudbury District Secondary Schools’ Athletic association.

In the girls’ long jump tyke event, Morgan Dedman came in eighth place with a distance of 2.75 metres and Kayla Lockeyer came in 20th place with a distance of 2.41 metres.

In the boys’ long jump tyke event, Ryan Carter came 12th with a distance of 2.85 metres and Spencer Cortes came 21st with a jump of 2.58 metres.

In the girls’ other standing long jump tyke, Morgan Dedman came 16th, 1.49 metres; and Kirsten Bowerman came 23rd, 1.35 metres.

In the boys’ other standing long jump tyke, Roen Deschenes came 15th, 1.62 metres; and Ian Rueter placed 23rd, 1.53 metres.

In girls’ high jump tyke, Maddie Heise placed fourth with a height of 1.10 metres and Kirsten Bowerman placed 18th with a jump of 0.95 metres.

In boys’ high jump tyke, Landen Maloney placed 11th, 1.00 metre; and Ryan Carter placed 15th, 0.95 metres.

In girls’ weight throw (softball throw) tyke, Brooklyn Ferguson placed 17th, 16.66 metres; and Amber McGraw placed 29th, 10.89 metres.

In boys’ weight throw (softball throw) tyke, Landen Maloney placed 27th, 21.36 metres; and Xander Tompson placed 30th, 18.18 metres.

In boys’ 80-metre dash atom, Greyson Case placed seventh with a time of 12.17 seconds.

In boys’ 100-metre dash atom, Rhyis Arthurs placed first with a time of 14.40 seconds; Ryland Priddle placed sixth with a time of 15.19 seconds.

In girls’ 200-metre dash atom, Alesha Beam placed 25th with a time of 35.28 seconds; Hannah Gordon followed immediately behind with a time of 35.33 seconds.

In boys’ 200-metre dash atom, Rhyis Arthurs placed third with a time of 30.82 seconds; Kohyn Eshkawkogan placed 19th with a time of 33.79 seconds.

In girls’ high jump atom, Hailee Harasym placed 17th with a height of 1.00 metre.

In boys’ high jump atom, Greyson Case ranked 16th with a height of 1.15 metres.

In girls’ long jump atom, Prestlynn Biedermann placed 14th with a distance of 3.02 metres.

In boys’ long jump atom, Rhyis Arthurs placed ninth with a distance of 3.44 metres; Jack Koehler tied for 17th with a length of 3.22 metres.

In girls’ shot put atom, Shea Williamson placed 18th with a distance of 5.27 metres.

In boys’ shot put atom, Keannu Bisschops placed 12th with a distance of 7.25 metres; Ryland Priddle ranked 18th with a distance of 6.67 metres.

In girls’ triple jump atom, Prestlynn Biedermann ranked 16th with a distance of 6.45 metres; Hannah Gordon placed 18th with a distance of 6.31 metres.

In boys’ triple jump atom, Jack Carter placed 14th with a distance of 7.32 metres; Caleb Lockeyer placed 16th with a distance of 7.09 metres.

Headed off to the champions meet are Morgan Dedman for long jump, Greyson Case for the 80-metre dash, Ryland Priddle for the 100-metre dash and Rhyis Arthurs for the 100-metre dash and 200-metre dash.