LCPS will gain new Blake Street parking area


LITTLE CURRENT – After many years of discussion, Little Current Public School (LCPS) is finally getting a new parking lot and designated drop off and pick up area.

Located on the Blake Street side of LCPS, the area will include a one-way drive-through area for parents and guardians to drop and pick up their students, as well as room for 15 parking spots that will face the sidewalk. The new area will see part of the current school yard area repurposed for this new usage.

LCPS Principal Christy Case explained that the parking lot will seek to limit congestion in the morning and afternoons on the Blake Street side, which is also the entrance to the daycare.

The two play structures, located close to the sidewalk, will be moved to create the drive-through and parking spaces.

Ms. Case said that one of the play structures will be moved near the school’s gazebo while the other has been deemed too old and will be dismantled, with new items to be purchased in their stead.

Ms. Case said the parking lot will come as a relief to many for a number of reasons, especially the end of backing out onto a busy street where student walkers abound.

While the Blake Street parking area is welcomed, Ms. Case said the school hopes that the municipality will continue to move on a sidewalk along Draper Street from the school to Highway 6, which was cancelled for 2020.