‘Let Manitoulin Island, and my hometown of Manitowaning, have peace’

To the Expositor:

I would ask that you please print this letter.

I am a son of the late David and Phyllis Morrison, grandson of the late George and Nellie Morrison of Manitowaning, older brother of Hugh and Paul Morrison who lost their lives in the accident, March 28, 1970.

The article that appeared in the January 18 issue (‘Documentary to look at 1970 Manitowaning car crash, page 3) was brought to my attention by my 89-year-old Aunt Marg Hurley of Owen Sound. She was very much a part of this tragic night and days that followed and was totally devastated when she read in the paper about the documentary.

Since then I have also seen the letter that Joyce White and Kathleen Harsym wrote asking for closure (‘Creation of film desecrates memory of dead, says writer,’ February 25, page 4). I want to thank them for the letter. It prompted me to write, as I certainly share their feelings.

I have been in contact with Shirley Harasym to express my total opposition to this documentary. The intent may have been good, but is just wrong to open the wounds of the closest family members that took so many years to heal, if ever. Manitowaning does not need this documentary as part of its history.

The 40th anniversary plaque and lasting memories that Anne Elliot and others worked very hard to create is a wonderful lasting memory. It gave me a great opportunity to share pictures and other memorabilia I had of my brothers to be preserved in history.

I also wish to make this a public appeal for closure. Let Manitoulin Island, and my hometown of Manitowaning, have peace. I cherish the memories of growing up in Manitowaning.

Joyce and Kathleen said it so well. It is embedded in our hearts and minds forever and we don’t need it to be documented.

Blaine Morrison