Letter: A free-flowing poetic piece of prose extolling Manitoulin’s virtues

Longing for these shores infuses every line

To the Expositor:

Chi-Cheemaun the big canoe distant shore, swing bridge mainland Manitoulin shore.

Built for trains of coal, ships of cargo passed. One hundred years and more, commerce, commodity and cargo flow. North Channel Georgian Bay, transportation corridor. Form and function balance and swing, touch and go traffic flow. An engineering marvel one hundred years and more. Farming, fishing, logging, economy transforming. Pivotal time in history. 

Tourists and visitors of every sort, destination Island resort, from far and near they come. Ecosystem, biodiversity, tranquility, diversity, transitioning economy. Pivotal time in history.

Passing over the water below, navigating the water flow, leaving mainland behind, Manitoulin find.

Stewards and keepers enduring Island. Legend and lore, there is more, Manitou might speak. Quiet places secrets keep. Manitoulin, Island faith you keep.

Little Current the water flows, clear and clean and deep.

Michael T. Gorman