Letter: An ode to Gore Bay

Dear Editor:

I would like to congratulate Manitoulin Island and Gore Bay, in particular, for being what you are; among the best places in which I have lived! 

I do not say this lightly. I have lived (not visited) in 10 (yes, 10) different cities and have been to 12 other cities, mostly due to employment requirements.

I have not been more impressed by any of them than I have been with “the Island” and, in particular, Gore Bay!

I find the services, especially medical ones, impressive! I find the staff at the Manitoulin Lodge very dedicated. I find the homes in Gore Bay large, impressive and stately with the properties almost manicured in their appearance.

The town’s boardwalk and marina/harbour are beautiful, the East Bluff, wildlife etc. are very impressive.

While my wife and I owned property in/on Ice Lake, I never really knew the area. Now I do. I am very pleased to be here!

Howard Lauber

Gore Bay